Treat Whiplash Injury With The Help of Chiropractor in Los Angeles

Whiplash Injury

The pain caused by whiplash injury did not always feel immediately after the incident occurred. In certain cases, first, the body responds by compensating and covering pain that can last for several weeks or even months before the true pain caused by trauma develops. At this stage, people seek to support and care for their injury as a way to relieve pain and bring the body back into balance. Dr. Mina Iskander Chiropractors in Los Angeles specialize in diagnosing and treating whiplash injury and have proven effective in eliminating misery related occur from such an injury.

Causes of Whiplash Injury

There is a common misconception that you need to be involved in a high-speed car accident to be influenced by whiplash; However, this of course is not a problem. Many people find themselves suffering from severe pain after being involved in accidents that have an impact on speed as low as 10 mph. Whiplash is also not limited to car accidents too. Slipping and falling that involves a sudden neck movement can all cause a whiplash injury, called the acceleration/deceleration of injury, as well as repeated movements found in certain work.

The problem experienced by many people is that after their accident, they will often be taken to the hospital for X-rays where they will be told that there is no evidence to support the possibility of injury to the bone in the neck. This is normal unless you are lucky enough to be involved in a very severe accident. Symptoms may take weeks to fully manifest to the level that will be seen in x-rays and many problems are purely in the muscles and ligaments of patients which are not detected by X-rays.

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Symptoms of Whiplash Injury

WHIPLASH symptoms include neck pain, frequent headaches, dizziness, fatigue, low concentration levels and pain in the arm. This is caused by the joints on the back of the neck that is forced together which results in damage to the nerve area, muscles, ligaments, and the surrounding discs. The symptoms experienced are the results of small receptors in the ligament around the neck being damaged which then affect their ability to convey important information about the position of your joints to the brain.

Treatment For Whiplash Injury

Chiropractors can take the flexion/x-ray extension of your neck that shows abnormalities in the range of movement on your neck. After a medical history assessment, you will receive a full examination of your neck where all muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments will be reviewed to diagnose the best care. Maintenance usually starts with a soft but very specific adjustment made in your neck with the intention of reducing pain and carrying a normal movement range back to the area. You can also be advised to practice neck strengthening and hand/eye coordination exercises to practice at home to rehabilitate full damaged receptors.

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Final Words

Some of us might know that applying a cold ice pack to the affected area will help alleviate the pain in the short term. For lasting results and release from the years of pain that are underway visit a Chiropractor in Los Angeles who specializes in providing this treatment to relieve pain and restore the appropriate movement in your neck as soon as possible.

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