Neck pain affects up to 60% of people throughout their lives. If pain lasts longer than a few months, it is considered chronic. Chiropractic treatment is an amazing method for treating this problem. When treating neck pain, Chiropractor not only concentrated on the pain, he investigated deeper into the main cause. He focuses on different problems such as your lifestyle, everyday stress, your nutrition, and so on. A chiropractor will also assess the alignment of your spine, your posture, the way you walk, plus all details with respect to your previous health background. All this information can help the chiropractor to treat your condition. If you are also suffering from chronic neck pain, meet Dr. Mina Iskander at his clinic in Culver City.

Typical Causes Of Neck Pain

There are many things that will cause neck pain. Since it supports your head, it’s in a precarious position and in danger of injury. a number of the foremost common causes of neck pain include muscle strain, worn joints, nervous disorder, injury from an accident, and diseases (such as cancer or arthritis). If you’re experiencing neck pain, I can help bring you back to healthiness.

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