Shoulder Pain Chiropractor in Culver City

Shoulder pain or shoulder blade pain is a common problem for many people, ranging from mild disturbances to the inability to move. Pain can be caused by injury or a disease in the shoulder joint. If the bones of the shoulder are fractured, the pain can be intense. Chiropractic care is a natural healing process without the use of drugs or surgery. If your shoulder pain has been lasting for more than a few days, schedule an appointment with a shoulder pain chiropractor in culver city for an examination and evaluation. The sooner you seek treatment and receive the appropriate care, the less likely it will develop into a chronic problem, and the quicker you will be able to resume normal activities. Call Dr. Mina Iskander, Chiropractor today for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Causes and Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

There are many symptoms of shoulder pain that can make someone feel unable to carry out everyday activities. These can include:

    • Persistent pain in the shoulder when moved or rotated;
    • Difficulty extending the arm above the shoulder;
    • Limitation in range of movement;
    • Shooting or sharp shooting pain when moving the arm joint.

Causes of shoulder pain can vary, with some people experiencing it due to an injury or problem with the rotator cuff muscles and others due to a condition such as arthritis. However, in most cases, the cause is unknown.

If you are also experiencing shoulder pain, you may want to consider seeing a shoulder pain chiropractor in Culver City. Chiropractic treatments can help improve the range of motion in your shoulder as well as reduce the inflammation and pain caused by shoulder joint problems. In some cases, chiropractic treatment may be all that is needed to restore function and alleviate pain. If you are experiencing significant shoulder pain, it is important to speak with a chiropractor about the best course of action for you.

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