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DOT Physcial Exam Near Me

Today, every commercial driver who drives in the United States, no matter what distance they drive, needs to be carried with them a valid medical certificate that shows that they have passed physical standard or DOT Physical exam certificate.

If you are going to drive a commercial vehicle, you need to bring this important document, along with your license, while driving. There are no exceptions, so if you haven’t got one, you have to pass this exam before they suspend your license. So don’t wait more and search for “DOT Physical Exam Near Me” to book your appointment. If you are a citizen of Culver City or Anaheim you can contact Dr. Mina Iskander, he can help you to get your DOT certificate without any hassle.

Why DOT Physical Exam is Important

The Department of Transportation, a federal body that deals with interstate trade, wants a guarantee that all commercial drivers are actually fit to handle rigors of short, long, and interstate distance trucking. They have the right to ensure public safety, and unworthy drivers will definitely be a considerable threat to the public. Can you imagine the chaos that would be caused by a driver who experienced a stroke, episode of diabetes or epileptic, while they driver a vehicle?

This is why it is necessary for all commercial drivers, no matter whatever state or region they belong to, they all need to pass the DOT physical exam, and maintain a good health certificate. If they cannot pass there are no relief conditions, they cannot obtain or save a CDL license in any state. To keep cheating to a minimum, most states have adopted a policy showing a health certificate when obtaining a license. If there is a relief state, such as the addition of hearing aids, or prosthetics that can affect their driving,  there is a waiver committee in action that can allow drivers to obtain their licenses with limited certification.

More About DOT Certification

If you pass all the physical aspects of the DOT exam and get standard health certification, the certificate is valid for two years. If there are medical conditions that will require a follow-up exam, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you may still get a certificate, but will only be valid for a limited time, usually only three months to six months, maximum.

If there are physical limitations, such as arthritis, chronic back pain,  hearing aids the review committee will decide whether you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle or not. The same thing applies if you are injured in any way, from the ankle dislocated to a broken arm. In a situation like this, the worst that can happen is that your license will be suspended for some time, or you will be issued a short-term restricted certification.

Process of DOT Exam

The first phase of the examination is the recording of your medical history. This will include the last five years of medical history, and the information needed reflects the number of diseases, injuries, or operations that you have during that time. Fake this information can make you prohibited from having a CDL license during your life, they consider it seriously. Also included in the document to be filled is a list of whatever medicine you take regularly, on the command of the doctor or on your own, and your habits about drugs and alcohol.

After this, blood pressure, vision, hearing, and urine test are done. The doctor will record everything, and then make a recommendation to issue a certificate.

Who can conduct DOT Physical Examination?

The government has certified many medical institutions where you can go through this test. There are many DOT physical examination centers in the city where you can do this test and get your commercial vehicle license. Dr. Mina Iskander conducts DOT physical examination tests in Culver City and Anaheim. If you are looking for a certified DOT Physical Examination Center in these cities then you must contact him.

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