DOT Physical Exam in Orange

In the USA, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it compulsory to obtain a special driving license for all commercial drivers to ensure the safety of citizens and to reduce the number of accidents. All drivers who drive buses or trucks, whether they carry people or material, come under the commercial driving category, so they all need to obtain this special license. To obtain this special license a driver needs to go through a medicinal examination to prove that he is physically fit and has the ability to drive safely. Truck or bus drivers need to submit a medical certificate as evidence that they have taken the DOT Physical examination.

We have an intensive understanding of the DOT rules and regulations and need to assist put you within the driver’s seat. DOT exam are designed to detect any physical, emotional, or psychological state issues which will affect your ability to drive safely. We work with you to spot risks and prepare you for the road.

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