Jaw Pain Chiropractic Treatment From Dr. Mina Iskander Chiropractor

Jaw pain Chiropractor

The jaw acts as a center and connects the mouth with the skull; we are able to speak, chew, yawn or swallow because of the jaw only. For any reason, if the disk gets displaced then it can cause Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or jaw pain problems. TMJ disorder or jaw pain sometimes may be a sign of something very serious, such as infection. TMJ disorder can also occur due to some non-medical or stress-related reasons.


There are several causes of jaw pain. Any activities which cause strain in the jaw can lead to TMJ. Headaches and pain in the ears are some of the problems related to TMJ.


If you are suffering from severe pain under your ears with a popping sound or a clicking one or have sudden problems in closing your mouth, pain in the face or neck, stiffness of jaw muscles, limited movement of the jaw, locking of the jaw these are the sign that indicates you are suffering from TMJ disorder.

Why You Need Special Treatment To Get Rid Of Jaw Pain

The mouth is the most used part of our body, it is used so often during a regular day, so the chances of the problem going away on its own is very less. To get rid of this pain you need proper treatment. If the pain is directly related to gum chewing or another form of oral fixation, getting the pain to go away can require special treatment.

jaw pain treatment


If you have TMJ then the movement of the mouth will become difficult, and if the problem is not treated soon then it may lead to severe problems.

Many times it is difficult to decide what exactly to do when you are experiencing jaw pain. It is a very specific ailment that many dentists handle when it is related to teeth and one which doctors may charge you for expensive tests in order to diagnose. The good news is that many TMJ disorders are related to simple problems and are treatable by a jaw pain chiropractor.

When suffering from jaw pain people think medication treatment will provide quick relief. And so often they ask, can a chiropractor fix my jaw pain problem and relieve me from the pain. A chiropractor will definitely help a patient to get relief from this intense pain.

Chiropractors specialize in working with the connections between muscle and bone in the body, while they are often stigmatized and only work on the back, neck, and limbs. The jaw is still a very intricate connection between bone and tissue, meaning that chiropractors are able to treat many problems associated with jaw pain.

A good chiropractor will always perform a test first to make sure that your problem does not require medical attention first. If it turns out to be something they can treat, they should be able to help you overcome the problem.

You should never rely on your own gut or internet searching to treat any kind of pain. Always visit a professional if you are experiencing signs of TMJ disorder that are not subsiding on their own. If you pay a visit to the chiropractor and they are able to treat your problem, you can go back to a healthy pain-free life without the need for invasive medical treatments.

The Best Jaw Pain Chiropractor In Culver City and Orange

Dr. Mian, a Chiropractor in Culver City and Orange, besides helping people with back pain, shoulder, headache, and neck problems he can also provide relief from jaw pain with his special chiropractic techniques. He is not only treating the patient for temporary relief but helps them to get rid of the disease forever. He deeply analyses the problem and after properly understanding the root cause of the problem he will start the treatment.

He will prepare a proper analysis report of your problem; which includes the cause of the problem, your family history, your lifestyle, etc. On the basis of this report, he will recommend a particular course of action which will include exercise, nutrition, diet and change in your lifestyle. He will recommend a lifestyle that will not only help you to get rid of the pain but will take care that in future such pain does not appear.

Final Thoughts

Today chiropractic treatment is gaining popularity. Chiropractors also suggest some exercise, nutrition, and changes in the lifestyle of the patient. People often think about how a chiropractor can fix jaw pain. But in many, it is observed that chiropractic treatment is more effective than medical treatment.

An expert chiropractor will recommend some muscle relieving exercises that will relax your jaw muscles and will provide relaxation. Meditation, massage are some of the other methods adopted by the chiropractor to treat the patient.

If the question can a chiropractor fix a jaw pain issue has been bothering you and you are hesitating to approach a chiropractor, then give up your hesitation and get in touch with Dr. Mina Iskander a qualified jaw pain chiropractor serving in Orange and Culver city. He will definitely fix your tmj and will ensure that the problem never repeats in the future. His therapies and his counseling will be of great help.

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