Different Methods For Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Today 80% of people suffer from some kind of back pain in their daily life. It is the most common reason why people visit the doctor. Back pain can range from minor disturbances that make it difficult to feel comfortable during days, to severe pain which means that you struggle to sleep, even when using a good mattress. For some people, back pain can even be very severe so they can prevent them from remaining mobile. It is important to take all kinds of back pain seriously and seek professional chiropractor help for back pain treatment for your condition as soon as possible.

There are many chiropractors in Los Angeles that can offer a variety of treatments for your back pain, which means that you no longer have to bear uncomfortable days and nights. But it is very important to choose experienced and trustworthy chiropractors Like Dr. Mina Iskander for your treatment. Dr. Mina has years of experience in treating back pain, headache, shoulder pain, car accident injury, and neck pain treatment.

Methods For Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment

The spinal adjustment is one of the most used chiropractic treatments and is very effective for back pain treatment. Chiropractic care is a direct therapy that will effectively calm your pain without using drugs or surgery. The spinal adjustment can help relieve stress from your spine, muscles, and joints, and encourage your body to heal itself. As a result, your body becomes better aligned and aches and pains begin to fade.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy completes other chiropractic treatments using massage and sports therapy to treat your back pain whether it is caused by whiplash, bad posture, or stress.  Physiotherapy is a mainstay of the treatment of back pain.

A physiotherapist can use various treatments, such as heat, ultrasonography, electrical stimulation, and muscle relaxation techniques in the back muscles and soft tissue to reduce pain. When pain improves, physiotherapists can teach exercises that can increase your flexibility, strengthen abdominal and back muscles, and improve your posture. The use of this technique can often help prevent pain.


This treatment involves using the same pressure points as acupuncture but instead of using needles the fingertips and thumbs are used to manipulate areas of the body. It is thought that the life force that is flowing through the body is interrupted and redirected to other areas. People have found this treatment to be a pleasant experience and more effective than acupuncture especially if properly applied. This type of back pain treatment is painless, and people that have tried acupressure have been surprised how well it has worked.

Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy care may be suitable if you find that painkillers do not help with your back pain problem. These non-invasive, non-harmful therapies use laser light energy to stimulate your cells to function properly and encourage network tissue healing. It is proven to result in reducing swelling and stiffness and maybe the ideal treatment of back pain.

Massage Therapy

Statistics show that the number of adults who received massage therapy from the therapist had doubted since 1997. Massage therapy is considered an effective method to treat lower back pain by most health care providers. Health care providers said they would recommend massage therapy along with medical care to their patients. Research conducted found that people with back pain, depression, and anxiety found massage therapy to significantly reduce the conditions and improve sleep.

Final Words

With effective therapy available, there is no need for you to bear the pain back and allow it to influence the quality of your life. There are so many experienced chiropractors in your nearby area, so you will definitely find someone by browsing “Back Pain Chiropractor Near Me” who can offer the treatment of back pain you are looking for. Chiropractic treatments can offer you freedom from your back pain and allow you to look forward to a painless day and a quiet night.

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