A Medical Doctor versus Chiropractor in Culver City, CA

Chiropractor in Culver City

If you experience an injury because of an accident, you can approach a doctor or a chiropractor in Culver City for treatment. The decision depends on patients and injury conditions.

Sometimes, it is possible that injury is very severe and is cured only with operations or medication. In others, it is possible to cure injury with simple spinal manipulation by a Chiropractor in Culver City, CA.

However, before making a decision for the good of anyone, it is important to know the difference between the two. Here are some pointers that can help draw different lines.

Academic Background

This is the wrong assumption to consider that Chiropractors are less educated or expert than medical doctors. Chiropractors must undergo three years of pre-chiropractic studies followed by a four-year medical course program. In total, Chiropractor serves 4,200 hours of study and experiments to be certified.

A similar academic foundation was observed for medical doctors.  To become a qualified medical doctor, a person is required to invest a similar amount of time and effort, usually ranging between five and seven years of education.

Specialization and Mode of Treatment

Differences in specialization and treatment mode come from their fundamental beliefs. Chiropractors believe that the painful body has the capacity to grow and recover. Also, most of the body problems treated by Chiropractor is caused by spinal stress. Therefore most Chiropractor training involves how to manipulate and increase the spine.

On the other hand, medical doctors are one that specializes in pharmacological and surgical procedures. Most internal damage that cannot be solved by chiropractic treatment needs to be treated or eliminated through surgery. In the case where a Chiropractor cannot benefit you, it might be important to receive services from a medical doctor.

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Nature of Treatment

Chiropractic care is centered to provide a natural improvement. This may be in the form of changes in posture, diet, routine or other aspects of your life. This means that such a procedure is basically aiming to avoid problems and complete this for a long period of time.

The medical doctor’s treatment aims to provide a rapid improvement that might not be for the long term.

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